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The Marine Environment Society arose from the uneasiness and concern of a group of people, for the protection and conservation of our marine resources. The main objective of this non-governmental organization is to guide, educate and put the greatest effort in marine conservation.

CESAM arose from the concern of a multidisciplinary group of university students for the protection and conservation of our environment. We are the student chapter of the Marine Environment Society, a non-profit organization recognized in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean for its research and projects related to the cultivation of corals in danger of extinction (Acropora cervicornis, A. palmata, among others).

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The impact of the Marine Environment Society has been transcendental for the community and nature.

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Our mission:

Maximize the resources available in the protection of the marine environment.

Our vision:

Orient, Educate and raise awareness.


“Volunteering for the Marine Environment Society was one of the best experiences of my life. Teamwork, enthusiasm for completing the goals, scientific concepts involved in the project and the feeling of being part of a society that helps protect the planet are all things that have amazed me while working with SAM.” 

Johanna Nifosi, Argentina

“My initial intention was to dive the beaches of Culebra, but I received something more than a dive. I received the opportunity to help clean corals, in order to help prolong the marine life that fades more and more each day. The work team is excellent, each one with its particular and special personality.”

Anna Kristinan Páez Morales , Puerto Rico

“My work experience in Culebra was very rewarding. I learned a lot about marine ecosystems and how to work with the different organisms that make it up. I cannot wait to go back again and keep learning new things.” 

Obed Peña Rodríguez, Puerto Rico