Hurricane Maria Recovery: Coastal Resource Working Group Kick Off Meeting

What is the purpose of the group?

To serve as a steering committee that provides a direction for Puerto Rico’s Coastal Recovery.  I am adamant that the recovery plan has to be developed by the stakeholders in Puerto Rico, for the Puerto Rican people, as the plan will be signed off by the Governor.  My role is to facilitate and coordinate the process.   We will have federal partners involved as they are familiar with future funding streams and their constraints and regulations.  However, this is not a federally driven-plan, rather a federally supported plan.  


Under what authority is the group initiated?

The group will work under the national disaster recovery framework, specifically in the Natural and Cultural Resource Recovery Support Function. Under this framework, the field coordinator can stand up working groups to implement recovery.  Remember, this is about recovery from Maria impacts, I recognize there are many other coastal issues, however, that is not within the scope of recovery.


How does it work with FEMA recovery?

We will cover the specifics at the meeting.   However, you should be aware that we will have 180 days(from the passing of the supplemental) to submit a report to congress outlining a 12 and 24 month implementations schedule.  We will have approximately 90 days for assessments to be completed, after which we will need to synthesize the information, develop goals, strategies, and actions.


What is the purpose of this meeting?

We will review identified resources/ issues/problems, brainstorm and define our path of how we are going to move forward with SMART goal development, strategies (short-term and long-term), and actions (12 and 24 month timeframe).


What should I do to prepare for the meeting?

Provide any data assessments that we have that can serve as a baseline or information that will inform recovery.


What are the outcomes of the meeting?

Our goals for the kick-off meeting are to: 1) Provide background information of what has happened so far, 2) Develop our timeline for the 180 days, inducing meeting frequency and deadlines for products, 3) Brainstorm about our path forward.


As of now, our topics are broken down to the following: coral, beach erosion, seagrass, dunes, and coastal wetland/mangroves.

The event is finished.


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