Our History

Since 2000, the Incorporation bylaws describe the SAM as a nonprofit environmental organization that provides marine conservation service. In 2004 he obtained the federal tax exemption certification 501 (c) (3).

Convinced that social welfare depends significantly on the sustainable use and management of natural resources, the Company pursues its mission through action in four main aspects: 1) in education projects and dissemination of information on our marine resources; 2) encouraging and facilitating direct contact with these resources and the active and practical participation of citizens; 3) training our members for the development and monitoring of research projects; 4) Participating in public forums, in the discussion and management of impact projects for our marine resources.

Since its foundation it has had the participation of numerous volunteers, the Society has cooperated with various organizations in the management of environmental benefit projects. The SAM began its work with its participation as co-coordinator of the International Coastal Cleanup Day, a work that it carried out for several consecutive years and for which it was recognized with the AWARE awards of PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) and DIVE-IN (Coral Reef Alliance) for these tasks. In subsequent years he has collaborated with Conserva el Encanto, ICCPRO and Scuba Dogs in the International Cleaning of Coasts.

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