Impacto de la hierba marina invasora Halophila stipulacea2021-02-21T09:27:42-04:00

Impacto de la hierba marina invasora Halophila stipulacea

Este proyecto evaluará los efectos de los cambios estacionales de las variables ambientales a lo largo de un gradiente de impacto humano en las praderas de pastos marinos como un sustituto para comprender cómo se adaptan a los cambios globales en curso. También evaluaremos los efectos de la hierba marina invasora, Halophila stipulacea, en la biomasa de pastos marinos nativos y la fauna asociada.

Progreso del Proyecto:

With the slogan Cleaner Oceans,under the economic auspices of Mercy Corps and in collaboration with shops and local groups, SAM tries to develop rehabilitation campaigns for Nature Reserves.  All these work ties with the continuous work that the SAM carries out in the restoration efforts of the coral reefs.  We met last Saturday, December 1st, in an education and conservation activity in Tamarindo Beach, which it is located within the Canal de Luis Peña Natural Reserve, on the Island Municipality of Culebra.

Nearly 50 people from around Puerto Rico participated in the event. They were divided into two groups to travel Bahia Tamarindo. A group left the tip of the dump in the direction North to South, the second group left from Tamarindo Chico in direction South to North. Members of the SAM showed them how to identify which corals were healthy, which ones were not and how to recognize fragments of coral at risk that could be re-positioned and fixed in the reef to increase their chances of survival.

The activity was a success for the SAM in terms of being able to let others to know us and to recruit volunteers. It was gratifying to see the participants who arrived excited, learned and left wanting to return. Thanks to Yvette M. Núñez Sepúlveda for starting this effort (we wish you luck in your new company), to those who said present, to the residents of Culebra who participated.

In addition, coral culture structures destroyed by hurricanes were removed, removing PVC and 47 concrete blocks.

PI: Samuel Suleiman
Co-PI: Dr. Alex Mercado

Edwin A. Hernández Delgado, PhD
Alex E. Mercado Molina, PhD
Fabiola Rivera Irizarry, MScC
Gerardo Cabrera Beauchamp, BA
Ivan Olivo Maldonado, MS
Pedro J. Alejandro Camis, BS
Juan L. Sánchez González, BS
Roger Guzmán Rodríguez, BS
Claudia Patricia Ruiz-Diaz, Ph.D
Evelyn A. Rodríguez-Inoa
Carlos Toledo-Hernández, PhD

Comienzo: 8 de noviembre de 2019

Isla de Culebra, Puerto Rico
Playa Punta Soldado
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