Puerto Rico and the Marine Environment Society were represented in the Association of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean Conference (AMLC) celebrated in the city of Mérida. This group the reunited first in Puerto Rico and celebrated their 60 years in this ocation, agglomerates individuals and institutions with interests in marine science of the Atlantic and Caribbean. Members of  SAM and CESAM, like in other occasions we have participated in national and international forums, got to expose their projects mainly made in Culebra and their collaborations around our archipelago.

Also, we had representatives from the Department of Marine Science of the RUM. We were present in the oral presentations of the different projects that are being made across the Caribbean region, where you always learn y begin knitting new ideas and collaborations. Our members had the privilege to present three presentations by Samuel Suleimán, Alex Mercado and Fabiola Rivera. Additionally Sandra Scheleir, which is also a SAM member, presented her thesis project with University od Rhode Island.

Moreover, we had the opportunity to expose six posters by Alberto Archilla, Frances Candelas, Roger Guzmán, Giannina Aponte, Aysha Díaz y Sofía Pérez. This last one was awarded as the best presentation of a poster in the AMLC for his research work related to the use of artificial corals created in “3D printing” to promote the recruitment of fish.